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The Triano Racing DT6 Team has been assembled from the world’s finest, a professional racing team to bring the DT-6 aircraft from concept to victory.

Pilot: Justin Phillipson will be working closely with Dave in the development of the new DT-6. Having flown over 10 different Formula 1 racers and with experience in everything from seaplanes to helicopters to regional jets, he brings the necessary background to thoroughly evaluate and develop the racer. Being an A&P and having built his own racer with his brother from scratch gives him the mechanical abilities to keep the production and flying progressing smoothly. With high finishes in the Gold Class at Reno over the last 6 years, Justin will be the lead development, test and race pilot for the DT-6.

Engine Development Specialist: Andrew Higgs
The DT6 engine and ancillary systems will be developed by Andrew Higgs, President and CEO of the AC Corporation of Tokyo, Japan. A true racing designer, Andrew has over 30 years in the design, development, and production of powertrains for the F1, Indy, F3000, GT500, Rally Car, LeMans, and MotoGP classes. His extraordinary talents are a massive addition to the DT-6 development, instrumental in our goal to build the fastest aircraft of its type in history.

Tooling and Systems Specialist: Josh Phillipson
Josh is an exceptional craftsman with an exacting eye for detail and strong engineering. Josh and his brother Justin created their ‘No Strings Attached’ Formula 1 racer, ’Sleeper’ Formula 1 racer, and many others. Josh will be working closely with Dave to develop the high-precision hard tooling for the DT-6, and lending his talents to the build of this remarkable new aircraft.

Propeller Specialist: Roger Sturgess
Roger has been the driving force behind the Technical development of the fastest Formula 1 racers in history, and we are proud to have his talents on board in the development of the radical new propellers for the DT-6 project. Roger is the Mathematical Guru of Triano Racing with a peerless knowledge of the engineering of racing aircraft, an amazing asset to the DT-6 Team.

Designer and Team Owner: Dave Triano
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