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Dave Triano and Josh Phillipson are pleased to announce a new era of cooperation between Dimension 3 Industries and Triano Racing.

‘As of March 1, 2018 Dimension 3 Industries will begin the production of the tooling for the Triano Racing DT6 Formula One air racer. Josh’s commitment to the creation of accurate, state-of-the-art components has been proven by his acquisition of the Biesse Rover ‘A’ CNC Machining Center, which will enable production of the 30+ molds and plugs designed for the DT6’, stated Dave Triano. ‘We are beginning production of the high-accuracy, Class-A finish tooling immediately, with techniques previously not used in the general aviation industry. We are combining my own 22+ years of experience designing advanced composite vehicles and tooling with Josh’s exceptional production capabilities to build the DT6.’

Triano Marine Design offers advanced design services for the Aerospace, Marine, and Automotive industries, from concept exploration to CFD iterative simulation and finished production tooling. The new cooperative agreement with Dimension 3 Industries allows complete product development in a one-stop environment. Groundbreaking new design concepts can now be brought to fruition with innovation, efficiency, and real scientific advance. Dimension 3 Industries is quickly becoming the leader in specialty air racing and experimental aircraft components, many of which are being designed by Triano Racing.

‘The clear focus of my work at Dimension 3 Industries is to create the finest quality advanced composite components available. This cooperative agreement with Triano Racing will provide a completely integrated design-to-production solution for our clients, and allow us to push into new and uncharted territory. The DT6 racer will set new standards of speed, composite engineering, and aerodynamics, and we are proud to be selected to produce this amazing aircraft.’ said Josh Phillipson.

Please visit the Dimension 3 website at, and for more information on the new DT6 Formula One racer, please visit

2-10-2018 - CONSTRUCTION OF THE DT6 HAS BEGUN! The first components are beginning to emerge, here is the main spar/closeout for the horizontal stabilizer-



8-8-2017 - We are thrilled to announce the addition of Engine Development Specialist Andrew Higgs to the Triano Racing Team!

8-7-2017 - Work is beginning on the incredible 5-bladed prop that Roger Sturgess has designed for the DT6!

5-28-2017 - The new article on the DT6 and interview with Dave Triano has been published in the June issue of ModelAviation magazine! This is the official AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics) magazine, with a readership of 195,000 worldwide.


2-23-2017 - Here is the link to the new DT6 mini-promo video on YouTube: 217 DT6 Mini Promo

1-25-2017 - The interview is out! Click on this link, where you can download a .pdf version of this issue of Sport Aviation (page 16 and 17) : Sport Aviation, February 2017

1-23-2017 CHECK OUT THE GREAT INTERVIEW WITH DT6 DESIGNER DAVE TRIANO IN THE FEBRUARY 2017 OF SPORT AVIATION! Yes, it is finally hitting the newsstands, The talented Beth Stanton’s interview with Dave will be appearing in the ‘Innovation’ section of Sport Aviation magazine!


1-19-2017 IT’S OFFICIAL! Triano Racing has secured the IF1 and FAA N numbers for the DT6 racers, DT6-1 will be Race #61, N610DT, and DT6-2 will be Race #62, N620DT!


12-19-2016 MERRY CHRISTMAS from Triano Racing, thank you for the incredible support you all have shown to the DT6 Racer project!


12-7-2016 We have just completed an interview on the DT6’s innovations for an upcoming issue of SPORT AVIATION magazine! The groundswell is starting..... and MUCH more is in the works, stay tuned!

11-14-2016 TRIANO RACING is proud to welcome BERINGER AERO as a new sponsor of the DT6 IF1 Racer project! The DT6 is truly an International racer, and the aircraft will be constructed with the world’s finest wheels, brakes, and axles from Beringer! Click on their logo below to visit their website, you can fly with the best, BERINGER!

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